Silver Charm Ring - Herkimer Diamond & Gemstones


This was a bit of fun and a variation on a theme. The idea here was to create something with lots of colour and movement and a bit of sparkle. Et Viola!  A charm ring with a plethora of sparkly gemstone beads. This one is a one of a kind as I only had a few of the gemstones I used for this. The largest of the gemstones is a lovely Herkimer "Diamond" which is actually a double terminated quartz. The ring also features, Amethyst, Ruby, Garnet, Tanzanite and Tourmaline along with a few more. The colours are all complementing so no one takes over which means it goes with everything. Oh and it's a size M. I'll be making more, but each one will be a one off. So if you want to see one in a different size, let me know.

The final photo is a collage of some of the processes that have gone into making this ring, from the scrap silver I melted into a nugget and rolled into wire down to the soldering, polishing and finishing. As with all of my designs this ring is made with recycled silver 

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