About Inari Design Studio

Welcome to Inari Design studio! My name is Anna and I've been designing and making jewellery as a hobby for over 25 years. It started when I was a wee little thing and I was a bit of a magpie. If it was shiny, sparkly or colourful, you can bet I was going to have it! Growing up in the Southwest of the US I was deeply influenced by the Native American tradition and many of my first pieces were crafted in silver with turquoise, coral, mother of pearl and agates. I participated in my first craft fair when I was 16 and since then have exhibited my jewellery in numerous shows and exhibitions.

Jewellery for me is a love of shape, colour and texture. I have dabbled in all sorts of media and techniques from paper to smithing. But gemstones are my favourites. I source them from all over the world and only the best of them make it into my jewellery. I hope you enjoy looking through the catalog and I hope you find something you love!

Oh yes, and if you're curious what I do in my professional life. I am an industrial/organisational psychologist and executive coach! You can read about my professional work at here

A bit more about Inari - the name

Being half Japanese, I've drawn the name of my jewellery from Japanese mythology. Inari, is a diety in the Japanese religion Shinto and is often depicted as the shapeshifting fox of nine tails. Technically, the fox is Inari's messenger, however in recent history, the fox has also come to represent Inari. It is the shapeshifting nature of Inari that I draw from to represent Inari Jewellery as it is constantly changing,shifting, shape, colour and texture.